‘iPad Mini’ Coming for Less Than $300   Leave a comment

Queue the agonizing groans at Microsoft: Apple is planning a new entry-level iPad for later this year designed to fend off the coming barrage of Windows 8 tablets, reports Fox Business. According to a Chinese-language news site, some 6 million “iPad minis” will come out in the third quarter at a rumored price of $249 to $299. With Apple rivals already trying to cut prices, some analysts say, their tablets may never recover in the marketplace.

In order to crush their competition, Apple is set to accomplish what their competitors have been trying to do to beat them; lower their prices. In the third quarter of this year, Apple is set to launch an “iPad mini,” which will cost significantly less than the iPad 2. It’s unreal how dominating one company can be but its very obvious that its going to take a miracle to knock Apple off its thorn of being the outright leader of selling tablets.


Posted April 16, 2012 by annabellecunningham18 in Uncategorized

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