Verizon joins with Redbox to take on Netflix   Leave a comment

Verizon has decided to team up with Redbox to compete with Netflix in the battle of online video streaming. Netflix has been the forerunner in instant video streaming and video renting but the team of Verizon and Redbox wants to change that. They are going to start offering this service in the second half of the year and they expect Verizon to offer many deals on this service to draw not only existing internet customers but also other internet users. Verizon wanted to team up with Redbox because of their accessibility and value but wanted it to take it to the next level with Verizon’s power over internet services. Online streaming is in demand so it makes sense that Verizon and Redbox would want to compete.

Finally, someone has decided to take on Netflix. While I do have an account with Netflix, I find their online streaming to be very limited. I have the Netflix application on my iPhone, my iPad, and on my television and the service is average, at best but is the most known video streamer so I have settled. The movie selection is limited for instant online streaming so it’s about time competition came in. I’m excited to see what Redbox and Verizon can do to make their service better than Netflix but at the same time, I’m hoping Netflix ups their service by offering more movies and televisions shows. Competition only makes products better and thank god because I have a long list of movies I’m waiting to see “on demand.”


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