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Not only is it the mecca of football on Super Bowl Sunday, but it is the mecca of television advertising. The ads cost millions but can the exposure to millions of people be tagged with a price? A lot of people solely turn on the Super Bowl to be influenced by advertising so that the next day at work by the water cooler, they aren’t left out of the conversation about what commercial was best and which one was a wild disappointment. While the players might be preparing all year for this game, company’s are hard at work ready to wow viewers with their funny, gimmicky advertising that they hope will impact people so profoundly they will talking about it for weeks.

Here, the Washington Post rates the best and worst Super Bowl commercials of 2012. They talk about how besides Budweiser, most of the beer companies took the night off, which I completely and utterly agree with. Does Miller Lite still craft beer? Did they forget the Super Bowl was yesterday? Are they upset the Packers aren’t it and therefore refused to advertise? How about Coors Lite, they usually are great with advertising, were they hanging out with the “man up” guys in the blue mountains that “are as cold as the Rockies?” Should we send out a search party? My point is where were they? Well, not that Budweiser had to compete, but they certainly did make their presence known last night between their prohibition ads, through the eras ads, and the little dog that brings beer to all at the party ads. They were funny, they kept your attention, and their new line of Bud Platinum is very appealing. In addition, I particularly enjoyed the Doritos commercials, although it seemed like many chip commercials took the night off too, with the dog that killed the cat. I don’t enjoy Doritos personally but their commercial has me talking the next day, I’d chalk that up as a success for them. Congratulations.


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