Amazon to launch first brick-and-mortar store, report says   Leave a comment

It’s time! Amazon has decided to build a store and test the waters on how successful they could be off the web. Will Amazon be successful when people actually have to walk through the doors and shop or will they always be a business that relies on being a click away? They are seeing what their future should entail by practicing with one store that’s going to be located in Seattle, Washington. They are going to be selling gadgets such as phones, computers, and expensive tablets. This store is to be expected to be open at the end of the year in time for the big holiday season.

 Do you think the Amazon store is going to be as high-tech as the Apple Store? That was my first thought when reading this article.  I don’t know how successful an Amazons store is going to be since I think the highlight of Amazon is to be an online store. People research products they want to buy in other stores and then go online and “Amazon it”. Is shipping always a pain? Absolutely, but that’s about the only catch from ordering from Amazon, unless losing face-to-face interactions is consider a loss for you? For me, being asked if you want help with anything when you are looking at CDs in a Best Buy is annoying and an experience I’d want to bypass. Hopefully, Amazon gets ahold of my memo.



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